Power and abuse of power in relationships

26.10. ? 27.10.2018

People often have an ambivalent relationship to Power. On the one hand power can be used as a positive force to influence others, achieve aims and shape the future. On the other hand, looking at history and personal experience, power can be also abused and cause harm and be destructive, even if this is not the persons original intention.

This workshop, which is based on TA, will focus on power in relationships (professional and private).

I will provide a theoretical overview regarding different types of power, constructive aspects and the abuse of power. I will also describe Claude Steiner´s concept of Power Plays.

Based on this we will discuss how to use power in relationships constructively and how to deal with the abuse of power. We will use case studies, self-reflection, exercises and supervision for practical application.

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Lektor: Uta Höhl (TSTA ? C)
Jazyk: angličtina (bez oficiálního překladu)
Místo konání: Klimentská 50, Praha 1
Cena: 4200,-Kč pro členy ČATA, 4500,-Kč pro ostatní zájemce

Organizátor: Renata Novobílská ()